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3D Printing Filament, Chenci 1.75mm 6.1M PLA 3D Pen Printing Ink 240 ft 20 Foot each Total 12 Different Color Pack – Sale Item

3D Printing Filament, Chenci 1.75mm 6.1M PLA 3D Pen Printing Ink 240 ft 20 Foot each Total 12 Different Color Pack
Chenci 3D Pen Filament Refills used for any 3D pen and printers supporting PLA material.
Offers a safe, non-toxic and PLANT DERIVED 3d printing filament. Boasts flow stability, low warping on parts, and ease of printing, making it the most safe and popular filament for home printers, 3D pen printing, hobbyists and schools.

12 Colors included,0.25KG
luminous White (will shine green in dark light) Black, Pink,Purple,Gold,Coffee color, transparent white,transparent yellow,transparent red,transparent orange,transparent blue,transparent green

Chenci 3D Filament are manufactured using the highest quality PLA and produced to extremely tight tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints, every time.
Print temperature range of nozzle is 180°C – 190°C (Conditions may vary the temperature)

Suitable for most 3d printing pens and 3d Printers equipped with 1.75mm diameter heat nozzle.

SAFE – Non-toxic, and plant derived making 3d printing safer

Store your PLA Filament the correct way for long lasting quality.

Package contents
1* 12 color PLA 3D Printing Filament

  • EYE CATCHING COLORS-You will be equipped with 12 unique colors that will suite you perfectly.
  • HEALTHY MATERIALS – PLA 3d pen wire: Which has smokeless,no odor and toxic substances, and can create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE – Free 12 month money back. We just want your 100% satisfaction.If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us to get a free replacement or a full refund as you prefer to.
  • PERFECT PRINTING EXPERIENCE – The advanced manufacturing technology ensures the consistency of the circle diameter. Provides the best distribution of Refills through 3D pen extruder,tube,and nozzle for Refills.
  • STRONG COMPATIBILITY – PLA is different from the ABS material. The minimum printing temperature of ABS is 200 degrees, while our PLA minimum printing temperature is only 180–185 degrees, which can greatly reduce the blockage of the situation.

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