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Comfort Dual-Core Bilateral Electric Breastpumps – Advanced Dual-core Double Side Large LCD Screen (Double)

Comfort Dual-Core Bilateral Electric Breastpumps - Advanced Dual-core Double Side Large LCD Screen (Double)

  • ✤ Double cores for dual sides – Double-Core electric breast pump arms with independent air pumps to drive each side.It is a real double-core for double-side pump.When pumping for double sides, the vacuum level maintained abundance,not weakened by half.
  • ✤ Unique patent-super low noise – Double-Core breast pump adopts unique patented framework to realize super low noise -4 to 11 db lower than the normal dual-side.It should be the most low-noise dual-side breast pump currently available,particularly suitable for mums to use at night.
  • ✤ Strong vacuum with 9-grades – Double-Core breast pump adopts open milking funnel thus offer stronger suction vacuum.9-grade adjustment provides accurate and fine suction tuning.The unique self-definition setting could satisty the usage of different user preferences.
  • ✤ Memory function – Double-Core electric breast pump has the automatic memory function.The used operation settings would be remembered.In the next start-up of the pump, the last settings will be automatically started to save mums some time for re-setting.
  • ✤ Small size,Large display – Double-Core breast pump is the smallest dual-side breast pump,with large LCD screen that can show the suction status intuitively for convenient observation of users.


✠ Double-Core double side electric breast bump comes from the delicate design featured with double pumps which ensures each side with independent suction.
✠ It is a real dual-side breast pump guaranteeing the vacuum level not being reduced by half.
✠ Super silent down to 49 dB,the unique noise-reducing patent realizes super low noise that marks Double-Core breast pump the quietest pump in the dual-side.
✠ Large LCD display,soft silicone panel,micro-computer control,portable size and the high configurations let the pump has a comprehensive lead over normal dual-side breast pumps all around.


✹ Promote lactation with dual frequency and massage.
✹ Super silent down to 49 dB.
✹ LCD display screen for real-time observation.
✹ Elegant appearance with effective pump design.
✹ Buttons Control: single/bilateral Switch; suction adjustors; On/Off/Pause switch; massage switch.


Material: polypropylene (pp)
Color: Yellow
Size: Main pump:5.12 * 5.12 *2.36 inch; Milking funnel :3.35”; Milk bottle:diameter 2.36” * height 3.94”, bottle capacity:140ml (5.0oz)
Box size: 12.99 * 10.83 * 3.54 inch
Power Adapter: US adapter
Power input: AC100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.3A
Power output: DC6V, 1A
Frequency: 12~60 times/min
Suction: 170 ~ 340mmHg, 23 ~ 45Kpa, 9 level adjustment
Sound: = 49dB

Package Content:

Main Pump x 1
Milk Bottle x 2
Bottle Holder x 2
Milk Isolation Bottle x 1
Silicon Air Tube x 3
(Nippler + Nipple Cover + Nippler Cap) x 1
Valve Base x 4
Valve Membrane x 2
Suction Cover x 2
Power Adaper x 1
User Manual x 1

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