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Borosilicate Glass Heat Resisting Teapot 880ml – Price Drop

Borosilicate Glass Heat Resisting Teapot 880ml

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Heat resistant
  • Built-in stainless steel filter
  • High class materials used
  • Can be used on gas stove, halogen and infrared cooker

A beautifully designed glass teapot made with borosilicate glass. Heat resistant up to 150°C. Ideal for use with gas stove, halogen cooker and infrared cooker. Built-in filter to retain the flavour of fragrant drinks. Designed for easy cleaning. Stainless steel lid and filter. High class materials used. Designed for easy cleaning. A great way to enjoy the lovely flavour of loose leaf teas and coffees. Or you can even make up your own herbal teas and add spices to taste as you please. Can also be used to make the great Indian latte, just add all your tea and spices to the infuser and add milk if desired and heat gently directly on the stove. Let the flavours infuse slowly and enjoy a time honoured traditional Indian drink the modern way. You can even keep the teapot warm on a warming device such as a heat tray.

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