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Baby Memory Book And Keepsake For Baby’s First Year – A Scrapbook / Photo Album / Journal For Both Boy And Girl – White Pages – Discounted

Baby Memory Book And Keepsake For Baby's First Year - A Scrapbook / Photo Album / Journal For Both Boy And Girl - White Pages

  • ✔ SIMPLE and INTUITIVE – The baby memory book is a balanced mix of a scrapbook, journal and photo album utilising the STORY TELLING FORMAT. It doesn’t ask overwhelming amounts of information but just the right amount to keep it engaging and easy to fill out. Lots of places for pictures, notes and special events. Gives plenty of ideas to write about and leaves extra space if you want to get creative. A baby book should not be a chore!
  • ✔ WHAT MOMS WANT – Written by a mother of three according to personal needs and feedback of hundreds of moms who have used baby books for their babies. The result: just the right amount of questions, information, ideas of topics, space for writing, room for pictures and scrapbooking, pockets for sonograms, hospital wristbands, bracelets, baby foot prints, etc. Covering from pregnancy to before the baby is born to more than a year of memories.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT SHOWER GIFT that you can be proud to give. We believe in FOREVER GIFTS. Something the baby will have for the rest of his / her life. WARNING – this keepsake has been reported to be the hit of the party on numerous occasions so get ready to be showered with compliments 😉
  • ✔ GENDER-NEUTRAL and MODERN Design – The beautifully decorated interior pages and extras make it a blast to record all the best early memories. Includes tools to create baby’s hand and footprint replicas. Gender neutrality makes it a great choice especially if you don’t know the gender.
  • single parent years our five precious personalized imprints tooth twins daddys beautiful remember mommys hardcover home calendar my diary mommy’s watch me grow in newborn daddy sweet fist letters very under set happy new family homes stamping kid 1 paper love collections numbers collection mommy wonderful favorite born up 2 beige white long babyprints ink only card us 3 kit babyboy touch cards eco friendly hospital bracelets moms mom babyboy babygirl ultrasound babys memeory memorys memorie

The Baby Memory is perfect to capture all the important milestones of the Baby’s first year. It’s modern and fresh design is a perfect gift for either a boy or a girl and there is room for extra scrapbooking, pictures, mementos at the end

The Content Chapters:

Family tree

My Family

My Home

When I was expected

My Birth

0-3 months

4-6 months

7-9 months

10-12 months

Bath time



Handprint and Footprint

My First’s

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day


New Year’s Eve


First trip






First birthday


Home and away

Memories – Extra space for your own choice of use – more pictures and items or extend the book from first year to two or more.

A lot happens in the first year as the baby grows the fastest. We want you to have room to log it all in. Into forever memories not fragments of sentences.

Time goes fast. Order today and start recording the magic moments to look back on years from now.

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