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10% Off “E3” Coupon for Origin Copy of Battlefront II… – Nerd Much (blog)

Though technically E3 is still going, much of the big game announcements have been made. For PC gamers fully buying into the hype, take a deep breath and if you must pre-order have a look at the hottest coupon discount[1] we’ve seen in awhile marking down many of the top PC games up to 28% off. One of the highlighted titles is, of course, EA’s much revamped Battlefront II – which looks to be plenty more involved than the first installment from DICE.

If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan and actually found 2015’s Battlefront to be an acceptable title, you can now score the sequel on the PC for as low as £47.51[2]. The UK-based GMG is offering discounts between 12% and 20% off instantly on pre-order E3 games for VIP members. To get the best VIP price just login to an existing account or create a new one. Once you’ve done so, apply coupon code E3OFFERS at checkout and stack an additional 10% savings on top of the existing discount.

The results are some of the best pre-order offers of 2017.Deals below are sorted by release date.Aug 31: Life Is Strange: Before The Storm[3] (Steam key) — £13.76 (list £17)Sep 15: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider[4] (Steam key) — £23.75 (list £30)Sep 28: FIFA 18[5] (Origin) — £47.51 (list £60)Sep 28: Total War: Warhammer II[6] (Steam key) — £48.08 (list £60)Oct 10: Middle-earth: Shadow of War[7] (Steam key) — £43.19 (list £60)Oct 10: Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Silver Edition[8] (Steam key) — £57.59 (list £80)Oct 10: Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Gold Edition[9] (Steam key) — £71.99 (list £100)Oct 13: The Evil Within 2[10] (Steam key) — £47.51 (list £60)Oct 17: South Park: The Fractured But Whole[11] (Uplay) — £43.19 (list £60)Oct 17: South Park The Fractured But Whole Gold Edition[12] (Uplay) — £64.79 (list £90)Oct 27: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus[13] (Steam key) — £47.51 (list £60)Oct 27: Assassin’s Creed: Origins[14] (Uplay key) — £47.51 (list £60)Oct 31: Fallout 4 VR[15] (Steam key) — £47.51 (list £60)Nov 03: Call of Duty: WWII – Digital Deluxe[16] (Steam key) — £79.19 (list £100)Nov 03: Call of Duty: WWII[17] (Steam key) — £47.51 (list £60)Nov 16: Star Wars Battlefront II[18] (Origin key) — £47.51 (list £60)Q4 2017: DOOM VFR[19] (Steam key) — £23.75 (list £30)The coupon at GMG is not going to be around for long. It’s set right now to end on Friday, June 16 at 9AM Pacific. We’ve seen offers like this be extended, so if you’re catching this post expiration it may be worth checking.Some of the most surprising deals are on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII.

Rarely do Call of Duty series titles goes on sale before launch, especially a digital copy. It’s a similar story with EA titles with discounts of this size rarely seen on last year’s big EA FPS Battlefield 1.It should also be noted GMG is running another E3 related sale on popular titles. These games are all at Summer Sale prices and include a hot offer on Civilization VI.

These discounts are only instant savings and the coupon will not stack for an additional discount (so the coupon listed above will not work).Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Digital Deluxe[20] (Steam key) — £45.55 (list £80)Sid Meier’s Civilization VI[21] (Steam key) — £34.16 (list £60)Wolfenstein: The New Order[22] (Steam key) — £8 (list £20)Wolfenstein: The Old Blood[23] (Steam key) — £8 (list £20)Mad Max[24] (Steam key) — £8 (list £20)The Evil Within[25] (Steam key) — £8 (list £20)BioShock Infinite[26] (Steam key) — £6.37 (list £30)Doom 3: BFG Edition[27] (Steam key) — £5.28 (list £20)Scribblenauts Unlimited[28] (Steam key) — £4 (list £20)Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition[29] (Steam key) — £4 (list £20)Darksiders Warmastered Edition[30] (Steam key) — £4 (list £20)Full Spectrum Warrior Complete[31] (Steam key) — £3.75 (list £15)


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