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Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard – Top Reduction

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

  • Heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame – provides maximum impact protection for the Jaw and teeth
  • Gel-Fit liner – custom molds to teeth for a tight comfortable fit
  • Triple layer design with integrated breathing channel creates maximum protection
  • Latex free
  • Not for use with braces

Upgraded and improved, the Shock Doctor Gel Max adult mouthguard provides excellent, high-impact protection and a great, tight fit. Its Gel-Fit- liner moulds comfortably to your teeth, while the Exoskeletal Shock Frame- uses a heavy-duty rubber frame securing you from impacts. What is more, the mouth guard boasts the Multi-Layer Construction- with a shock-absorbing system offering ultimate protection and a custom fit. Plus, there is a convertible tether included allowing you to use it strapped or strapless.

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