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Celebrita MMA Leather Muay Thai Bowling Pin – Heavy Duty Punching Bag

Celebrita MMA Leather Muay Thai Bowling Pin - Heavy Duty Punching Bag

  • Perfect for all punches, strikes and kicks for full body preparing.
  • Unique shape provides the bag with a lower center of gravity making it easier to clinch and deliver knee strikes.
  • Bottleneck design for working head kicks or low kicks.Any leather dummies may smell initially because all dummies made of leather always may have some smell due to fresh leather being used for few days
  • Super quality triple-employ engineered leather spread looks and endures like genuine leather, at a large portion of the expense.
  • You can fill 40 KGS and measures 16″ x 47″.This is unfilled product. Images are for illustration of the final looking product once you fill it. This product can be filled up by recycle textile cuttings or shredding. Can also be filled up with raw cotton or any suitable filler material.

Muay Thai Bowling Pin Heavy Duty Punching Bag. Produced using Artificial Leather for institutional and expert exercise center utilization. Professionally stuffed for incredible adjust and weighting. With its remarkable Bowling Pin shape which is ideal for a great many rounds of extreme preparing.

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