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Beyond Dreams Wraps 2 Metres

Beyond Dreams Wraps 2 Metres

  • PERFECT FOR: boxing, fitness boxing, crossfit, fitness, bodybuilding exercises, etc. | ensures adequate protection during the pit
  • PROTECTIVE EFFECT: fixed seats and precise form by simply applying – thumb loop and sufficient length of bandage guarantee Seat strength
  • EFFECT: It protects the hand perfectly under the glove box, allowing full concentration on the Box Fight
  • LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: These bandages are lightweight and feel comfortable on arms and wrists.

Boxing bandage to protect the wrists during the pit.
Perfect bandage for use in Box Fighting, fitness boxing, boxing training and weight training exercises.

Scope of supply:

Two Box bandages
Size: 2.5 meters in length | 5 cm width
Our bandage protects safely and comfortably at the pit and prevents painful wrist injuries whether in competition or in training.
Increase hard blows the risk for injuries of the wrist the elastic wrist wraps of Beyond Dreams are easy to put on and sit stable and secure in each box situation.
The thumb loop ensures a secure grip and boxing bandage is comfortable to wind due to sufficient length around the wrist. The elastic bandages allow a tailored adaptation to different hand sizes.
Thus, fully focused on the Box Fight, irritating slipping the bandage is ruled by the firm grip of the elastic hand wraps.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Length of the bandage: 250 cm
Thumb loops : Yes
Solid Velcro: Yes
Pressure adjustable: Yes

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